Multi-plate powder presses

OPP 2000 Powder presses

Higher productivity - 25% more good parts

OEE increase by +18% points

HMI - menu-driven and machine-assisted

F.A.S.T. tool changing system

With the development of the OPP electric multi-plate powder press family, we support our customers in solving their challenges. Whether it is cost, performance, quality and process - die change and set-up, stable production process, prevention of green compact cracking, part traceability -, connectivity, service, standardization and health & service, the OPP concept delivers convincing solutions.

The OPP family covers the tonnage range 100t, 200t and 500t. With up to 4/4 axis concept and the revolutionary F.A.S.T. tool change solution, even the most complex parts can be produced precisely and with repeat accuracy. Thanks to the control concept, even helical-toothed parts can be pressed easily and without major additional investment. Our customers achieve exceptionally good Cm(K) values with their OPPs, which meet or exceed the high requirements of the automotive industry in particular.

More good parts at a lower total cost

The advantages of the OPP concept compared to current hydraulic concepts are intrinsic:

Increased productivity and operational efficiency through

  • Better control and higher sustainable speed
  • higher precision, positioning accuracy ±1 to ±2 µm
  • higher repeatability ±1 to ±2 µm
  • machine-aided programming and production control - imPRESSive MP HMI
  • higher OEE +18%
  • "on the fly changes" without stopping the machine
  • No heating up to operating temperature

Lower total cost of ownership and operating costs due to

  • lower energy consumption -50% to -80%
  • less maintenance -60% to -80%
  • Overall low investment in the system
  • Elimination of the external adapter and its expensive infrastructure
  • Infrastructure savings
  • Heat and noise emissions
  • 70 % less CO2 over the entire life cycle

Multi-plate powder presses up to 500t

When it comes to high pressing forces combined with high precision, you will find it hard to get around Osterwalder powder presses. We offer electric, hydraulic and hybrid presses of excellent quality combined with the highest performance.

The first electric 2000 kN multi-plate powder press

The OPP 2000 is the forerunner of a product family with press forces between 1,000 and 5,000 kN. Until recently, presses for such high forces were only available with hydraulic or mechanical drives.

The OPP 2000 thus sets a new benchmark for operational efficiency:

Energy consumption savings
Availability - thereby productivity control
  • Optimized Net-Shape performance, which eliminates the need for secondary post-processing
  • Infrastructure savings - no pit required
  • Elimination of the external adapter and its expensive infrastructure
  • Higher availability due to reduction of maintenance

Hydraulic drives also have technical disadvantages, including sometimes long start-up times and fluctuations in press operation, which impair availability but also process accuracy and repeatability.

F.A.S.T. on board!

The OPP 2000 is equipped with the patent-pending mounting system for tools (F.A.S.T.) which allows an unprecedented fast exchange of dies. The multi-levels always remain installed in the press, while the dies are held in interchangeable fixtures that are very compact and can be transported and stored in a rack. The dies are thus always at hand for changes in production.

Due to a novel architecture of the guides, high pressing forces can be applied to each individual axis. While previous electric presses offer a limited counterforce, the OPP 2000 allows maximum pressing force to be applied to both the top and bottom plates of the press. The motor wedge system also offers a large adjustment option that maximizes flexibility.

A large hydraulic system also has a significantly higher aging rate compared to electrical components, which leads to leaks that contaminate the die space and the press parts.

Switching to an electric drive improves the precision, repeatability and accuracy of your production process and allows you to meet your requirements for more complex geometries and "net-shape".

HM 320 Powder Press

HM 320

  • Servo electric press with 2 / 2 levels
  • Force 320 / 480 kN
  • Reproducibility ± 0.001 mm
  • Press active axes, no mechanical stops
  • Prepared for Osterwalder's servo-electric transverse presses
  • Optional core bar turning device for e.g. threads
Energy consumption savings
Reduced maintenance effort

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