Customer Solution Center

As a solution provider in powder metallurgy, Osterwalder AG brings decades of experience in the most complex application areas. With the support of our future-oriented customers and the innovative spirit of our experts, we offer customized solutions around the production process. For this purpose, our Costomer Solution Center is in daily operation.

Increase productivity

  • Innovation center to increase productivity in the areas of
    Press & Automation
  • Materials engineering advice for improving the filling and
    Pressing process
  • Process simulation & optimization
  • Data analysis via IoT:Connect from Osterwalder

  • Simulation of pressing processes for new parts
  • Calculation of stroke rates based on the simulation
  • Generation of alternative program sequences on the basis of
    of the given problem

  • Fractography in case of failure
  • Materials Consulting
  • Microscopic images and parts analysis
  • Optimization of the process to the powder

  • IoT:Connect serves as a prerequisite for the analyses
  • Assistance with data analysis for specific questions

Osterwalder is in a position to develop tool concepts
for highly complex applications.
The engineers at the Customer Solution Center can draw on many years of experience with single-plate and multi-plate applications.

Design and manufacture of toolings for single-plate and multi-plate applications are among our specialties.

Process Development

  • Tooling concepts for new products
  • Design and manufacture of tools for single-plate applications
  • Design and manufacture of tools for multi-plate applications
  • Innovation center for process-supporting functions in the
    Press and Automation Divisions