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Together with our customers and partners, we want to make the manufacturing process of PM parts more stable, more productive and open up new fields of application.

  • As a technology leader, we are opening up new fields of application with our customers.
  • We need to be the first to offer them to customers.

  • We must provide the best service in the world.

  • Based on our process know-how and digital products, we work with our customers to make the PM parts manufacturing process more stable and productive.
  • Our products and services must have the best price/performance ratio.
  • In order to offer our customers products and services with the best price/performance ratio, we must manufacture them at the lowest possible cost.

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What makes our electric presses?

When it comes to optimized customer results, Osterwalder presses are often the focus. Ergonomics, compactness, production capability, precision, reliability and durability. These are not empty words for us, but the characteristics that distinguish each and every one of our presses. More precise, more productive and more cost-effective than any other press on the market. Osterwalder is your partner for efficient presses.

Highest precision

Our equipment is characterized by its precision and qualitative results. The positioning accuracy is +/- 0.001 millimeters.

Increased productivity

Higher sustained speed and higher repeatability. Higher OEE +18 % points are achieved.

Lower overall costs and increased efficiency

Lower total costs, including lower operating costs. State-of-the-art HMI ensures easier, machine-assisted programming and production control.

Environmentally friendly

heat and noise emissions - significantly cooler and quieter. With our presses, we reduce 70 % of CO2 emissions.


For your individual needs
our individual solutions

Osterwalder supplies more than a press.
We offer you solutions that are tailored to the needs of your company. In addition, we work with you to achieve results that bridge the gap between what is and what can be.

Customer Solution Center

With the support of our future-oriented customers and the innovative spirit of our process specialists, we offer customized solutions for all aspects of the production process.

Customer Service

With Osterwalder CARE we increase the productivity of your machine and support you in all concerns and questions - we take CARE. Together we establish and strengthen your entire productive maintenance system.

Technology & Process Support

Supporting our customers is our focus. Our experienced process technology specialists are responsible for this - whether on site or using state-of-the-art remote communication.


What do our customers say about Osterwalder?

The satisfaction of our customers is close to our hearts.
That's why at Osterwalder we always strive to provide you with our best service.

"The Osterwalder presses are the most reliable presses in my machine park, the assets ensuring the highest productivity. Moreover, I appreciate the competent support of the sales team. I can rely on them to work with me to develop a good solution for my current challenges. For these reasons, I once again decided to purchase an Osterwalder press."
John Sweet
President, FMS
"Innovation becomes tangible in the partnership with Osterwalder. Whenever we have consulted the customer service, they have always been ready to do everything in their power to find a solution customized to our problem. Moreover, the promptness of their services is worth mentioning."
Sylvain Gaillard
Manager Pressing Department, Ceramaret
"My best experience with Osterwalder has to be the level of support provided by the team. Osterwalder was enthusiastic about working with us from the beginning and provided support to help develop the pressing process, and proposed the SP640 press."
Lewis Postlethwaite
New Product Development Manufacturing Lead, Morgan Advanced Materials

Over 100 years experience

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