imPRESSive - the Osterwalder HMI

Product HMI Display

Simple operation. APPs.

Intuitive touch operation

The thematic APPs allow process-relevant inputs, changes and optimizations, e.g. avoidance of green tearing, each on a single page. No more jumping back and forth.

With imPRESSive, Osterwalder sets standards and leads to Industry 4.0.

The user can see at a glance all the production-relevant
Data and condition of the press and production.

Our interface - imPRESSive - promotes and simplifies the interaction between man and machine. Core elements are the new operator terminal with swiveling 21.5" multi-touch screen in combination with an icon-supported user interface and an active operator guidance "Wizard".

Advantages of imPRESSive:

  • Menu-driven and machine-supported
  • Modern APP-based operator interface
  • User-friendly, guided programming
  • Real time Cmk determination
  • Real-time evaluation of production efficiency
  • Process optimization with "one"/few "keystrokes

Examples of machine support:

  • Part-related programming
  • Set zero point
  • Simulation of the pressing process
  • Part optimization

Self-explanatory. Vivid.

imPRESSive offers a uniform user interface for all new Osterwalder powder presses. On a 21.5″ multi-touch screen, APPs enable the consistent management, documentation and visualization of order, process and machine data.

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