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We offer pro­fes­sio­nal and per­so­nal deve­lo­p­ment in an inter­na­tio­nal envi­ron­ment for trai­nees, interns, young pro­fes­sio­nals and skil­led workers.




Als Pio­nier in der Pul­ver­me­tall­ur­gie schaf­fen wir Raum für Inno­va­tion und Ent­wick­lung. Wir erken­nen und för­dern das Poten­tial unse­rer enga­gier­ten Mit­ar­bei­ten­den, ermu­ti­gen zu hin­ter­fra­gen und sind offen für neue Ideen.



Mit Wert­schät­zung und auf Augen­höhe arbei­ten wir gemein­sam für unsere Ziele. Mit­ar­bei­tende pro­fi­tie­ren von einem fle­xi­blen Arbeits­zeit­mo­dell, wel­ches eine gute Work Life Balance ermöglicht.



Interne Wei­ter­bil­dungs­pro­gramme bie­ten die Mög­lich­keit, von­ein­an­der zu ler­nen. Wir ent­wi­ckeln uns ste­tig, ermög­li­chen Ver­än­de­rung auf Fach- sowie Füh­rungs­ebene und unter­stüt­zen externe Ausbildungen.

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Posted time 2022/01/01

We are always loo­king for talen­ted peo­ple who want to deve­lop with us — even if the spe­ci­fic, open posi­tion is not curr­ently adver­ti­sed. Please cont­act us.


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“Our manage­ment aspi­ra­tion is not to be one of the lar­gest com­pa­nies, but one of the best managed.”

Rolf Graf

CEO Oster­wal­der

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Every year we fill seve­ral app­ren­ti­ce­ship posi­ti­ons in the areas of auto­ma­tion, con­s­truc­tion and com­mer­cial. At Oster­wal­der, you can expect an inno­va­tive and varied lear­ning and working envi­ron­ment. Are you ready to start suc­cessfully in the working world? Then apply now for


Auto­ma­tion tech­ni­cian EFZ

As an EFZ auto­ma­tion tech­ni­cian, you deve­lop and build elec­tri­cal con­trol and auto­ma­tion sys­tems. You manu­fac­ture auto­ma­ted devices and sys­tems, put them into ope­ra­tion, carry out repairs and create tech­ni­cal documents. 

EFZ design engineer

As an EFZ design engi­neer, you deve­lop indi­vi­dual parts and assem­blies for machi­nes, appa­ra­tus or ever­y­day pro­ducts using state-of-the-art 3D soft­ware. Orde­ring purcha­sed parts, crea­ting parts lists or ope­ra­ting ins­truc­tions are also part of a designer’s job.

Businesswoman/man EFZ

As a businesswoman/man you will work in various depart­ments such as per­son­nel, accoun­ting and cus­to­mer ser­vice. Your tasks include, for exam­ple, infor­ma­tion pro­ces­sing, com­mu­ni­ca­tion via e‑mail and tele­phone, boo­king of income and expen­ses as well as con­trol and cor­rec­tion of time recording.

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