Single-plate powder presses

The low inertia leads to a
unsurpassed dynamic motion control.

This drive concept of the SP series maximizes component service life
and minimizes maintenance requirements.

Simplest machine-supported operation with the imPRESSive HMI

Thanks to the innovative drive concept, the system requires
energy only when powder is pressed.

Osterwalder achieved a world premiere in 2007 with the development of the servo-electrically driven CA-SP 160 E. The developed DDT technology eliminated previously used belt drives, gears, bearings and resulted in unsurpassed, dynamic motion control. This revolution continues to evolve.

The revolutionary Osterwalder drive concept offers maximum performance with minimum energy consumption as well as maintenance costs.

The switch to electric drives
improves precision, reproducibility
and accuracy of your production process and enables you to meet your requirements for more complex geometries and "net-shape". In addition, there are structural cost savings compared to other drive concepts.

First and only electric
2'000 kN Powder press

The SP 2000 is the logical continuation of our vision of servo-electric drives. Based on the success of our OPP 2000, we are continuing this development. The SP 2000 thus sets a new benchmark for operational efficiency:

Energy consumption savings
Productivity increase
from 80% to 98%
  • Optimized Net-Shape performance, which eliminates the need for secondary post-processing
  • Higher availability due to reduction of maintenance

Hydraulic drives also have technical disadvantages, including sometimes long start-up times and fluctuations in press operation, which impair availability but also process accuracy and repeatability.

A large hydraulic system also has a significantly higher aging rate compared to electrical components, which leads to leaks that contaminate the die space and the press parts.

Switching to an electric drive improves the precision, repeatability and accuracy of your production process and allows you to meet your requirements for more complex geometries and "net-shape".

Single-plate powder presses

Products in comparison Single-plate powder presses

With the SP series, Osterwalder offers a complete and consistent portfolio with press forces from 80 - 2000 kN.
Do you already have an electric press from Osterwalder?

SP Electric - The leading technology press in the field of carbide and special material applications.

The guide system is separated from the power transmitting elements, the Direct Drive Technology DDT from Osterwalder connects the drive shaft of the motor directly to the spindle. The result is a significant increase in reliability, movement accuracy, and safety.

Osterwalder's energy recovery system feeds energy back into the circuit during axis deceleration.


  • Servo electric cross press
  • Turning unit for the production of internal threads, helicoils, as well as helical gears
  • Multiple filling "MATRIX", contours and different powder layers
  • Additional lower axis for complex multi-level parts

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