Sin­gle-plate pow­der presses

The low iner­tia leads to a
unsur­pas­sed dyna­mic motion control.

This drive con­cept of the SP series maxi­mi­zes com­po­nent ser­vice life
and mini­mi­zes main­ten­ance requirements.

Simp­lest machine-sup­ported ope­ra­tion with the imPRES­Sive HMI

Thanks to the inno­va­tive drive con­cept, the sys­tem requi­res
energy only when pow­der is pressed.

Oster­wal­der achie­ved a world pre­miere in 2007 with the deve­lo­p­ment of the servo-elec­tri­cally dri­ven CA-SP 160 E. The deve­lo­ped DDT tech­no­logy eli­mi­na­ted pre­viously used belt dri­ves, gears, bea­rings and resul­ted in unsur­pas­sed, dyna­mic motion con­trol. This revo­lu­tion con­ti­nues to evolve.

The revo­lu­tio­nary Oster­wal­der drive con­cept offers maxi­mum per­for­mance with mini­mum energy con­sump­tion as well as main­ten­ance costs.

The switch to elec­tric dri­ves
impro­ves pre­cis­ion, repro­du­ci­bi­lity
and accu­racy of your pro­duc­tion pro­cess and enables you to meet your requi­re­ments for more com­plex geo­me­tries and “net-shape”. In addi­tion, there are struc­tu­ral cost savings com­pared to other drive concepts.

First and only elec­tric
2’000 kN Pow­der press

The SP 2000 is the logi­cal con­ti­nua­tion of our vision of servo-elec­tric dri­ves. Based on the suc­cess of our OPP 2000, we are con­ti­nuing this deve­lo­p­ment. The SP 2000 thus sets a new bench­mark for ope­ra­tio­nal efficiency:

Energy con­sump­tion savings 
Pro­duc­ti­vity increase 
from 80% to 98%
  • Opti­mi­zed Net-Shape per­for­mance, which eli­mi­na­tes the need for secon­dary post-processing
  • Hig­her avai­la­bi­lity due to reduc­tion of maintenance

Hydrau­lic dri­ves also have tech­ni­cal dis­ad­van­ta­ges, inclu­ding some­ti­mes long start-up times and fluc­tua­tions in press ope­ra­tion, which impair avai­la­bi­lity but also pro­cess accu­racy and repeatability.

A large hydrau­lic sys­tem also has a signi­fi­cantly hig­her aging rate com­pared to elec­tri­cal com­pon­ents, which leads to leaks that con­ta­mi­nate the die space and the press parts.

Swit­ching to an elec­tric drive impro­ves the pre­cis­ion, repea­ta­bi­lity and accu­racy of your pro­duc­tion pro­cess and allows you to meet your requi­re­ments for more com­plex geo­me­tries and “net-shape”.

Sin­gle-plate pow­der presses

Products in comparison Single-plate powder presses

With the SP series, Oster­wal­der offers a com­plete and con­sis­tent port­fo­lio with press forces from 80 — 2000 kN.
Do you alre­ady have an elec­tric press from Oster­wal­der?

SP Elec­tric — The lea­ding tech­no­logy press in the field of car­bide and spe­cial mate­rial applications.

The guide sys­tem is sepa­ra­ted from the power trans­mit­ting ele­ments, the Direct Drive Tech­no­logy DDT from Oster­wal­der con­nects the drive shaft of the motor directly to the spindle. The result is a signi­fi­cant increase in relia­bi­lity, move­ment accu­racy, and safety.

Osterwalder’s energy reco­very sys­tem feeds energy back into the cir­cuit during axis deceleration.


  • Servo elec­tric cross press
  • Tur­ning unit for the pro­duc­tion of inter­nal threads, heli­coils, as well as heli­cal gears
  • Mul­ti­ple fil­ling “MATRIX”, con­tours and dif­fe­rent pow­der layers
  • Addi­tio­nal lower axis for com­plex multi-level parts

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