Smart Cell Pro­duc­tion Cells

Modu­lar design for exten­si­ons with tray sta­ckers,
AGV etc.

Thanks to the inno­va­tive drive con­cept, the sys­tem requi­res
energy only when pow­der is pressed.

imPRES­Sive, a pro­gramming for press and auto­ma­tion, via APP clear, simple and safe menu gui­ded programming.

Weight-balan­ced dou­ble grip­per with hig­hest repea­ta­bi­lity and with intel­li­gent
Insertion/adaptors for all pick-up stan­dards and inte­gra­ted punch cleaning

At Oster­wal­der you will find the most eco­no­mical pro­duc­tion cell for your pro­duc­tion — “ever­y­thing from a sin­gle source”. Oster­wal­der has deve­lo­ped a fully inte­gra­ted pro­duc­tion cell to offer signi­fi­cantly impro­ved pro­duc­ti­vity to manu­fac­tu­r­ers of pow­der com­pac­ted parts. The Smart Press Cell com­bi­nes the pro­ces­ses of pow­der pres­sing and parts hand­ling and is available for all sin­gle-pla­ten pow­der pres­ses with a pres­sing force of 80 to 2000 kN.

Cur­rent solu­ti­ons are not desi­gned for effi­ci­ent pro­duc­tion because they have weak­ne­s­ses in terms of inte­gra­tion, inter­faces, para­me­ter exch­ange and con­trol, and do not have opti­mal safety integration.

Based on feed­back and requi­re­ments from our cus­to­mers, the Smart Press Cell sol­ves these pro­blems and fully con­nects the press and hand­ling unit in one con­trol via a cen­tral man-machine inter­face (HMI) imPRES­Sive. The Smart Press Cell offers num­e­rous bene­fits to the PM parts manu­fac­tu­rer, start­ing with the advan­tage of only one sup­plier for instal­la­tion, trai­ning, ser­vice and support.


Mas­si­vely fas­ter and more open data acqui­si­tion for effi­ci­ent data com­mu­ni­ca­tion, fas­ter pro­gramming and hig­her pro­duc­ti­vity. Full tracea­bi­lity of pro­du­ced parts is also pos­si­ble and is key ele­ment for the digi­ta­liza­tion of indus­trial processes.

SC80 — 2000

The Smart Press Cell is the revo­lu­tion in pow­der com­pac­tion pro­duc­tion. Fully inte­gra­ted pro­duc­tion cells with a cen­tral HMI for pro­gramming and ope­ra­tion. Deve­lo­ped with our part­ners in glo­bal pro­duc­tion and based on their feed­back and requi­re­ments. Enc­lo­sed are some advantages:

Energy con­sump­tion savings 
  • Fast data acqui­si­tion for pro­gramming and operation
  • Com­plete tracea­bi­lity of parts, the key ele­ment for digitization
  • Interlo­cking axis move­ment com­mands from press and Parts hand­ling for hig­her stroke rates
  • Unmat­ched dyna­mics and pre­cise move­ments of the dis­rup­tive deve­lo­p­ment of linear axes
  • No punch clea­ning grip­per change and the­r­e­fore no downtime
  • Fle­xi­ble tray lay­outs and the pos­si­bi­lity for max. 3 hours wit­hout ope­ra­tor intervention
  • One point of cont­act for all cus­to­mer needs with out­stan­ding sup­port and service

Sin­gle-plate Smart Cells

Products in comparison Smart Cell production cells

The:ONE! => Smart Press Cell Series from the tech­no­logy leader!

Smart Press-Cells are available for all Oster­wal­der sin­gle-plate pow­der pres­ses with a pres­sing force of 80 to 2000 kN.

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