Smart Cell Production Cells

Modular design for extensions with tray stackers,
AGV etc.

Thanks to the innovative drive concept, the system requires
energy only when powder is pressed.

imPRESSive, a programming for press and automation, via APP clear, simple and safe menu guided programming.

Weight-balanced double gripper with highest repeatability and with intelligent
Insertion/adaptors for all pick-up standards and integrated punch cleaning

At Osterwalder you will find the most economical production cell for your production - "everything from a single source". Osterwalder has developed a fully integrated production cell to offer significantly improved productivity to manufacturers of powder compacted parts. The Smart Press Cell combines the processes of powder pressing and parts handling and is available for all single-platen powder presses with a pressing force of 80 to 2000 kN.

Current solutions are not designed for efficient production because they have weaknesses in terms of integration, interfaces, parameter exchange and control, and do not have optimal safety integration.

Based on feedback and requirements from our customers, the Smart Press Cell solves these problems and fully connects the press and handling unit in one control via a central man-machine interface (HMI) imPRESSive. The Smart Press Cell offers numerous benefits to the PM parts manufacturer, starting with the advantage of only one supplier for installation, training, service and support.


Massively faster and more open data acquisition for efficient data communication, faster programming and higher productivity. Full traceability of produced parts is also possible and is key element for the digitalization of industrial processes.

SC80 - 2000

The Smart Press Cell is the revolution in powder compaction production. Fully integrated production cells with a central HMI for programming and operation. Developed with our partners in global production and based on their feedback and requirements. Enclosed are some advantages:

Energy consumption savings
  • Fast data acquisition for programming and operation
  • Complete traceability of parts, the key element for digitization
  • Interlocking axis movement commands from press and Parts handling for higher stroke rates
  • Unmatched dynamics and precise movements of the disruptive development of linear axes
  • No punch cleaning gripper change and therefore no downtime
  • Flexible tray layouts and the possibility for max. 3 hours without operator intervention
  • One point of contact for all customer needs with outstanding support and service

Single-plate Smart Cells

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The:ONE! => Smart Press Cell Series from the technology leader!

Smart Press-Cells are available for all Osterwalder single-plate powder presses with a pressing force of 80 to 2000 kN.

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