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Helical. Pressing is possible.

Until now it is most common to manufacture helical parts very cost intensive and with lengthy operations on chip-removing machining centers.

Quite clearly we face the challenge to press these highly complex geometries in a powder press in the near future. Not that easy, quite a few sincere, technical challenges have to be mastered in that respect.

Osterwalder offers a solution for manufacturing of pressed helical gear parts.

Application fields:

  • single level parts
  • multi-level parts with flat inside grains
  • multi-level parts with toothed inside grains or structures

Tools for powder compaction of helical gears are higher in construction and thus do not fit in standard tool holding devices.

Special adaptions for clamping of tools in the press room are required. Furthermore, the technology comes along with quite some demanding challenges because of the rotation of the punches and their mounting. Highest perfection and deep know how is a must.

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