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Servo-electric Powder Presses - new up to 2000 kN Multi Plate

Osterwalder celebrated the world premiere with the CA-SP Electric in 2007. This was a milestone in powder compaction technology, being the first high speed servo-electric powder press in the world. Coherenty, Osterwalder received the EMPA-Award in 2010.

This all-new concept brought significant advantages concerning repeatability of accuracy, floor space, maintenance time as well as a strong reduction of emissions and most of all dramatic savings in energy consumption.

The innovative DDT technology eliminated the formerly used belt drives, reduced the need of gears and bearings and led to an outstanding, dynamic control of axis movements and positions.

A revolution under evolution, permanently.

The revolutionary OPP 2000 is the first 2000 kN multi-level press with electric drives. For a wide range of applications e.g. automotive industry to components for electrical and kitchen tools, garden and household appliances, etc. and of course for carbide rod production.

The shift to electric drives improves the precision, reproducibility and accuracy of your production process, and enables you to meet your requirements for more complex geometries and "net-shape" parts. There are also massive cost savings compared to other hydraulic presses.

Product range of servo-electrical powder presses