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Multi-Plate. Highest Fexibility.

One of its own in the world of powder presses. Our clients press parts on this system, which are not possible with other sytem. In stable precision and highest productivity.

The CA-NC offers a unrivalled flexibility for customer specific process adaptions and layouts as well. The stroke variability is unmatched.

The tool room height could be adjusted, the modular setup takes up standard or multi-platen adaptors and works with conventional tool clamping as well as fast-clamping sytems. Ejection or withdrawal press process, applications with one or multi level, the CA NC can work all that. Choose pressing on force or position for even more flexibility.

Take-up of pressed parts is available from simple handling to fully automated handling systems.

CA-NC II with Withdrawal adaptor:
You have the option to select different process possibilities.

  • Adaptor bottom section
  • 4-column-adaptor

A rigid press frame with pre-stressed columns in combination with the automatic compensation of press frame elongation ensures repeatable press movements. Independent of the pressing force, thus preventing tool damages.

The utilization of closed-loop controlled axes enables the synchronisation of the die and lower punch with the filling system. This leads to:

  • Compensation of density variations in filling direction
  • Increasing of stroke rate
  • Improvement of filling
  • Optimisation of compact quality


  • Cross-Pressing (side compaction)
  • Multi-filling „MATRIX“, Contour-forming and varying powder layer application

Specifications and Options of the CA-NC Series