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No pit. Maximal Force.

CA-MP - the press for nearly all powder materials, for conventional or fast clamping tool systems.
No pit required, due to the optimal setup. The Osterwalder press with low height and smallest floor space requirements.

The CA-MP series offers a unique detail: all multi-plates are dedicated to hold maximal pressing force. This allows most flexible opportunities towards customer specific tool concepts.

A press concept without die-set; the plates remain in the machine during tool change .
This helps to reduce required floor space furthermore. Because of the square frame geometry , the filling system can be installed on all sides. Which leads to a great flexibility for the customer.

High rigidity of the system due to increased guiding lengths and high-precision bearings. The guiding system is separated from the force transmitting elements and helps to extend the tool lifetime.
The measuring systems of the axes refer to the same base and are fixed close to the centre of the press. By doing so, we compensate the natural press frame elongation automatically.
Therefore the repetition accuracy is independent of the pressing force.

Additionally, our customers benefit from shorter setup duration and higher yield based on the Osterwalder "three-stroke-optimisation" in our HMI/control (weight and height).

PRP and CAP automatically modify all connected parameters:

  • Fill motions
  • Powder transfer motions
  • Press motions etc.

This results in:

  • Reduced set-up time
  • Consistent set-up
  • Consistent part quality

The CA-MP comes with very robust mechanical stops in combination with a large setting range.


Multi-filling „MATRIX“, Contour-forming and varying powder layer application

Specifications and Options of the CA-MP Serie