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The:ONE - Smart Cells by Osterwalder

Finally there is a fully integrated press cell from one manufacturer. Press and automation combined.Follow us for further details...

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Here you find information about fairs and exhibitions where you can meet our team and discuss your demands. Please feel free to contact us in advance, if you have any requirements.

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Discover the brand-new Osterwalder Press!


Based on our worldwide feedback and knowledge we developed this new press generation.
With a clear focus on our partners requirements, expertise and important environmental and health regulations.
The SP 80 represents the most profitable electric powder compacting press for the production of ISO inserts and similar parts requiring press forces up to 80 kN.

If you want to increase your production capacity or replace older presses, the SP80 is the most attractive solution in the market.

The performance of our clients, producing high quality parts in combination with unmatched cost structure is our approach, our target.

You want further information about our new SP 80? Please let us know and click here.

Ever-increasing shape complexity and the attainment of higher formed density levels.

A technical session at the POWDERMET2018 conference, organised by MPIF (Metal Powder Industries Federation) and held in San Antonio, Texas, June 17-20, 2018, focused on the two factors that are the main drivers for new PM structural part applications; namely, ever-increasing shape complexity and the attainment of higher formed density levels, as an enabler for enhanced product performance levels. Read Osterwalders contribution to this topic in the attached full report.

OPP 2000 - The First Electric 2000 kN Multiplaten Press

A brilliant echo to the world premiere of the OPP 2000 on our booth during the ceramitec18 in Munich! See the exhibitor statement here.

We had anticipated good feedback afront, but that it was so strong, then surprised us. With the OPP 2000, we launched the first multi-level electric press in this press capacity, the first in a product family that will be between 1,000 and 5,000 kN in the future. So far, presses for such forces were only available with hydraulic or mechanical drives.

The OPP 2000 sets a new benchmark for operational efficiency:

    • 80% savings in energy consumption
    • 98% availability - increasing productivity
    • Optimized net-shape performance, this saves secondary processing
    • Savings on infrastructure, since no pit required
    • Elimination of the external adapter and its expensive infrastructure
    • Higher availability through reduction of maintenance

Discover the impressive concept of the OPP 2000 in this video!

Further information of the OPP 2000 is available here.




Speedmaster - Mastering Speed

Top speed whilst mastering pressing of net shape inserts.
Reach highest Yield, go for excellent payback.

Achieve most complex geometries with electric cross pressing systems, known as the best accurate and precise worldwide. With our electrical press series.

Want to go fast? Fasten seat belt, sit back and enjoy our video.

Why not thinking about creating threads in your press parts also? Maybe you can identify new horizons, to where we could guide you.
We appreciate your feedback; our team is ready - for you!

By the way: Have you discovered our new HMI yet? Simulation before pressing, wizard-guiding, intelligence on the machine etc.




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